Here’s How Much You Could Be Missing Out On If You Don’t Hire a Realtor

Before you sell your home yourself, you should know just how much you’re missing out on by not using the services of a real estate agent. Simply put, if you don’t use an agent to sell your home, you could leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Here’s exactly what we mean by that and why it’s true.

1) What is a Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is someone who is licensed to act as an intermediary between home buyers and sellers. They can help you sell your home or purchase your next one, but they aren’t licensed to give you any financial advice. They are able to discuss what they think will be best in terms of listing price, but that’s it.

2) The Pros and Cons of Working With a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent gets paid when they sell or buy your house, but exactly how much does an agent make? It depends on a number of factors. The average income for a real estate agent is between $40,000 and $50,000. This number varies greatly depending on location and experience level. In 2015, agents reported incomes from less than $25,000 to over $100,000 in gross commissions for selling houses.

3) What Does a Real Estate Agent Earn?

Real estate agents earn $47,040 on average per year. Real estate agents in large metropolitan areas typically receive more than those living in small towns. For example, real estate agents in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco can earn anywhere from $68,000 to $96,000 annually or more; however, most real estate agents earn less than that.

4) When Should I Hire an Agent?

Not only do real estate agents help manage paperwork, they can give you more control over your budget and negotiations. It’s important to have someone working on your behalf who understands exactly what you want and can represent your best interests. For example, an agent might know of a lower offer that you aren’t aware of or advise against accepting something before you do so if it isn’t in your best interest.

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