Which Real Estate Company Is the Best Fit for You?

You’ve made your decision and signed on the dotted line with a real estate company. Now it’s time to get to work! As you start your new career, it’s important to remember that each firm will have different strengths and weaknesses in their training programs.

What do real estate agents really do?

The biggest mistake that new or aspiring real estate agents make is that they don’t understand what a typical day of work will be like. Many people think that getting your real estate license and walking around neighborhoods looking at houses is your job. While you will spend some time doing those things, much of your time as a real estate agent will be spent working in an office processing deals and paperwork, attending meetings, completing administrative tasks and going to training sessions.

Finding a good company to work for

If you want to be successful in real estate, you should start by looking at your top priorities. Think about whether you are more concerned with salary or getting good training. Think about whether it’s more important to have access to clients or a good marketing strategy. These are questions that only you can answer, but having these answers will be extremely helpful when it comes time to pick a company.

Inbound Marketing Gives Agents the Advantage Over Other Companies

Inbound marketing is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. But what exactly does it mean, and how do you implement it into your business model? First of all, inbound marketing has nothing to do with placing ads on every website imaginable. In fact, doing so would be a waste of time and money. Instead, inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers who are interested in your services naturally through search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and lead generation.

What Sets These Companies Apart from Others

At Zip Realty, you’ll learn at your own pace on your own schedule. We’re focused on getting you licensed as quickly as possible with an eye toward actually doing real estate. Unlike other companies, you won’t feel pressured to push past your comfort zone too quickly, and you won’t have to worry about spending countless hours in a classroom being lectured by someone who isn’t up-to-date on current real estate practices. At Zip Realty, we believe that there are always new skills to be learned, but that requires actual experience—and our way of learning maximizes efficiency. Our field-based approach also means you can learn at your own pace.

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